Amenities for Your Comfortable Living

Amenities and essential features of Augusta Brittany ensure a comfortable living for the people of the resident. One cannot just expect a comfortable living but also a luxurious one that all their relatives and friends are to be envious of. Augusta Brittany offers many such additional features keeping the needs of all the age groups in the mind of which some have been jotted down below. Additionally, the staff at the property also takes special care of the cleanliness of the same such that the residents can take complete advantage without any bothering. Let's have a brief look at them:-

Luxurious Lavish Clubhouse for Gatherings and Discussions

A property which is designed with the sole purpose of imparting a comfortable and luxurious living to its people, with such an intention in mind, the designing of Augusta Brittany is done to accommodate a giant sized luxurious and lavish clubhouse to be especially used by the residents. Whether any meetings are to be held to discuss the whereabouts of the property or some function calls for the meets of the residents, the clubhouse is an ideal place for all the gatherings that are to be held by the residents.

A Multi-Purpose Court For All

As the famous idiom states "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy" we all know the importance of outdoor games for ourselves and our kids. At Augusta Brittany, there stays a multi-purpose ground for all the residents to play and have a great time with their buddies. A playing ground is a necessary essential for all the residents as it becomes the most important modes of recreation for the children. All kinds of games can be practiced and played in this court including cricket, baseball, badminton, football etc.

A Well Equipped Gymnasium

Fitness is not just the hobby of people these days but it is one of the well-loved hobbies of the people around. the youth spends most of their morning or evening sessions in the gym with the equipment shaping up their body. Hence, one such individual always looks for a gym in the property he/she wants to invest his/her hard earned money in. A well designed giant gym is a major attraction at Augusta Brittany which is for sure to be loved by all the people who come to make a visit. All the necessary types of equipment are there in the gym that one can ask for making it an ideal place to hit where you shape up your body. Once the youth or the fitness lover visits the gym of Augusta Brittany, he/she is for sure to convince the elder to invest in the property such is the ambiance and such are the types of equipment.

Jogging Trails with Magnificent Landscape View

People love to reside amidst the beautiful landscapes and to go for a jog or a walk with magnificent landscape view as an addition is another joyous experience. Especially the elderly love to go for the morning as well as evening walks each day. At Augusta Brittany, one gets to experience jogging trails that offer magnificent view to sweep you off your feet. One can go for a walk or a jog or even just be there to admire the beauty around.

  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Trail
  • Basketball Court
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