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Augusta Brittany is extremely nearby to the Georgia Club. As one proceeds ahead from it a thriving community is well noticed outside southern Manila. Located in Sta. Rosa region Augusta is one of the most beautiful constructions in the region where the scenic beauty has the capability to just sweep you off your feet. A home located so close to nature and having hell lot of facilities and essentials you will be unable to set your desires to rest once you get to know the additional nearby located essentials. The Location is one of the major aspects that one pays extreme attention to before purchasing a new residing location. Convenient availability of the daily needed commodities and the easy availability of the necessary commercial and educational hubs along with markets and malls are the inevitable parts of the daily lives of all. Augusta Brittany is one of those properties that offer nearby location of schools, commercial hubs, malls, busy and important roads linking to several other important places etc.

The following are some of the nearby locations that one gets to take advantage of while residing at Augusta Brittany:

1. Georgia Club - All those people who are fond of clubbing and look for good clubs to drop in during the weekends with family and friends must pay good attention at the property as a closely situated club is one of the most luxurious nearby essentials.

2. St. Elena Club Of Golf - A call for all those golf lovers to explore and book a resident at Augusta Brittany owing to the nearby location of the popular gold club called St. Elena. You can also get your kids to learn the sport and master it along with yourself on every weekend.

3. Paseo De Sta. Rosa Centre Of Commerce - The extremely famous commercial center is located nearby to the Augusta Brittany construction which makes it easy for the residents who on a regular basis visit the location for their commercial activities. This, in turn, saves a hell lot of time of the individual that otherwise might be just lost in long duration tiring drives to these commercial centers.

4. Sta. Rosa Market Place - A marketplace named Sta. Rosa is located extremely nearby to Augusta Brittany which lets you easily shop for all your daily commodities within just a few minutes. You can avoid all those long duration traveling just to buy a certain regular stuff.

5. Sta. Rosa Hospital - Location of the Sta. Rosa Hospital within an easy and early reach is of prior importance to all the people residing nearby. Any emergency can be well handled and conducted when a health care center is located nearby. This kind of an essential center being so close and well within the reach gives the buyers an extremely strong reason to invest in the property where the health of his/her family is safe and secure.

On your way, you will notice a thriving community just outside the south of Manila. Getting closer to Augusta, you will find an undisputed sanctuary where living goes beyond the gated community adjacent to Georgia Club. Pass by the Sta. Elena Golf Club, and see the nearby establishments that include the Paseo de Sta. Rosa commercial center and the Sta. Rosa Market and Hospital. Find a sense of abundance teeming in every facet of living, natural beauty or otherwise, contemporary design, when you finally reach Augusta.

Augusta is accessible via the Asia Brewery-Greenfield South Luzon Expressway toll exit and via the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. It is only an hour and a half away from Makati's financial district. - See more at: 

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